New Book: “Man, Cattle, and Veld” by Johann Zietsman

Johann Zietsman’s new book “Man, Cattle, and Veld” is now available for purchase. This book is for those interested in profitable ranching and will create a real revolution in the ranching industry. If you are interested in cattle breeding or grazing management, then this book is for you!

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About the author:
Johann Zietsman, is a renowned grazier and livestock breeder from Zimbabwe. He studied livestock under noted livestock researcher and author Jan Bonsma in Pretoria, South Africa, and is a Holistic Management practitioner mentioned in Alan Savory’s book. He is acknowledged by Mr. Savory as the first person to use Ultra High Stock Density. His practical knowledge of both grazing and livestock is very unique. 

August 28th – 30th Breeding/Composite Breed Formation Course added in Hillsboro, TX

1091006_487727871322171_1653783627_oRegengraze will host a Breeding/Composite Breed Formation Course at the SHS Ranch in Hillsboro Texas on August 28th to the 30th.

This course is a complete ranch management course, unlike any other, which takes into consideration not only grass management, but breeding season, genetics, breed selection, composite breeding, and determining what is the number one factor affecting profitability on your ranch. Students will learn how to double their sustainable profits per ranch with a continuing improvement on the environment which takes wildlife into account.

Additional topics covered include:  Adapted animals, correct calving season, correct grass management and mineral/ protein supplementation

For more information to register for this event, please see the Events Page.

Set Up For Cafeteria-Style Free-Choice Minerals

free choice mineral feederI have been using the Free Choice Enterprises cafeteria-style minerals for more than 15 years with very good results in many different environments, with big and small herds.

To get the best results, however, there are three things which must be correct up front. Find out what these three things are and the basics needed to design your own free-choice mineral program in my latest Beef Producer blog post on The Grazier’s Art.


NEW: Sustainable Ranching Course Dates & Locations!!!!

  • June 19 – 21 at Cody Smith Ranch, Hillsboro, TX
  • July 3-5 at Ted Gentry Ranch, Ft. Payne, AL
  • July 10-12 at Joe Hopping Ranch, Coweta, OK
  • July 17-19 at Rlo Ranch in Houston, TX

2014 course flyer IMAGE FOR WEB


Please register via email, phone, or the contact form found HERE!!!

Sharing The Best And Brightest

I have strived all my life to be a world-class rancher who thrives economically and improves the environment on which God has allowed me to work.

Reading, attending conferences, and watching DVD’S have helped but the best and most efficient way has been finding mentors who are leaders in their fields. I’ve found this is what’s needed to become really proficient at this game of sustainable ranching.

This summer my best mentors and I will teach our secrets to sustainable profitability through a series of sustainable ranching courses starting June 19-21 and going through the middle of August in various places across the country.

Read more in my latest Beef Producer blog. You can learn more about the workshops from my website, including locations and dates for our sustainable ranching schools.